MK Uri Orbach
MK Uri OrbachIsrael news photo: Flash 90

Minister of Pensioner Affairs Uri Orbach (Jewish Home) insisted Sunday that the Palestinian Authority (PA) has not approached the UN for legitimacy to establish a Palestinian State - but rather for something more sinister. 

"As I said on Channel Two Friday, the Palestinians are not interested at all in an independent Palestinian state," Orbach stated Sunday in a Facebook post. "A state would require them to make ideological and practical concessions that they are unable to make."

Instead, according to the Minister, "they prefer instead to wear us out, demand more terrorist releases, play the world's victim and sit whining about the 'occupation' while they wait for the next round of talks." 

"We have to start thinking differently about our place in the region, the interim agreements and other economic considerations, and build our country without resolving the conflict," Orbach continued. "We are an island of realism in an ocean of obsessives over a messianic version of peace."

Orbach also related to comments he made in an IDF Radio interview, where he rejected fears that the PA may resort to a third intifada. 

"We'll blow them up," Orbach had fired, in response to a 'what if' question about the possibility of another terror war against Israel. "While I fear their threats of violence, that does not mean that I'll give in [to their demands]."

He did note, however, that an intifada could be even worse than expected if allowed to erupt from a Palestinian national state - as the terror may become far more organized.  

Controversy continues to reign over the meaning of the PA's bid to more than 15 international organizations for legitimacy last week, a unilateral move which broke conditions for peace talks and drew sanctions from Israel. 

Earlier Sunday, Economics Minister Naftali Bennett noted that the PA's statehood bid would do more damage to the PA itself than to Israel, and urged Israel to take Abbas and Fatah to the Hague over war crimes - including supporting Hamas and inciting more terrorism against Israeli Jews. 

"Every year we renew a 'festival of threats': if we don't do what the PA wants, they will go to the UN, they will turn into a country and slam us at the Hague," Bennett said. 

"But it's time to change this concept," he declared. "This is not the PA's 'judgement day' weapon. The rifle is empty."