Uri Ariel
Uri ArielFlash 90

Housing and Construction Minister Uri Ariel (Jewish Home) launched sharp criticism at the Palestinian Authority (PA) Wednesday evening, after news surfaced that Ramallah had turned to the UN to apply for legitimacy and recognition, in breach of the conditions of peace talks. 

"The Palestinians applying to the UN breaks all the rules," Ariel wrote on a Facebook post, "and we have to respond in kind - by canceling the Oslo Accords, which have only brought terror and murder." 

"The Palestinians have proven once again that there is no reason to give them false gifts, and release terrorists and murderers for a process whose conclusion is well known in advance," he continued. 

Ariel continued by emphasizing that the US is "obligated" to release Jonathan Pollard this year - whether in the framework of negotiations or not. 

"The US must release Pollard in honor of the holiday of freedom - Passover - and show humanitarianism regarding his [medical] condition. He paid his dues and it's time to release him, and no longer hold him hostage." 

Ongoing controversy over the talks stems around the fourth batch of terrorist releases, as MKs point out that the previous releases have done nothing to further talks, and that several of the released terrorists have contributed to the increase in terror attacks over the past year. 

PA chief negotiator Saeb Erekat stated last month that Abbas was staying in talks solely for the sake of the terrorist releases, prompting Israeli officials to reconsider completing the deal - which has always been contingent on real progress in the talks.

In response, Israel told PA officials over the weekend that the deal was postponed, after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said the release would "topple the government" due to public and political backlash. 

In the meantime, the White House also offered to release US captive Jonathan Pollard in exchange for releasing more terrorists, enacting a construction freeze, and keeping talks going, but there is no word yet on whether the proposal was accepted. Several politicians and religious figures have already expressed deep reservations over the deal.