Nir Barkat, at AIPAC dinner
Nir Barkat, at AIPAC dinnerJerusalem Municipality

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat met with senior Congressmen in Washington on Tuesday, including Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, House Representative Peter Roskam (R-IL), Representative Susan Brooks (R - IN), and Chairman of the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs Ed Royce (R - CA).

Left to right: Ed Royce, Eric Cantor, Nir Barkat, Susan Brooks
Left to right: Ed Royce, Eric Cantor, Nir Barkat, Susan BrooksJerusalem Municipality
Nir Barkat with Peter Roskam
Nir Barkat with Peter RoskamJerusalem Municipality

The mayor presented the developments in Jerusalem in recent years and the challenges facing the city. Barkat discussed with senior government officials the status of Jerusalem in the international arena , and asked them to remain vigilant in keeping Jerusalem united.

Barkat then met with Israeli Ambassador to Washington, Ron Dermer, to discuss the challenges facing the Holy City. 

AIPAC hosted the Mayor at a special dinner during the visit, where he dined with senior pro-Israel commentators, lobbyists and supporters in Washington. At the dinner, Barkat presented his vision for Jerusalem. He emphasized the fact that Jerusalem welcomes adherents of all three major religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) and that the city has experienced economic and physical growth. 

Barkat thanked AIPAC members for their commitment to uncompromising well-being and the unity of Jerusalem.

Barkat at AIPAC dinner
Barkat at AIPAC dinnerJerusalem Municipality