IDF soldiers in action
IDF soldiers in action IDF Spokesperson Unit

A controversial letter sent to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu several weeks ago, by high school seniors declaring their disdain for the IDF for ideological reasons, has finally received a response. 

Uri Marco, a senior at the Amit Amihai Yeshiva in Rehovot, gathered some friends and wrote a second letter: a letter defending Zionism, the IDF, and Jewish nationalism. 

"We, the undersigned, support and strengthen the Israel Defense Forces  - who protect our country - and God-willing, [we] are going to serve with great love and great joy in the IDF, out of a desire to contribute to the people who settle in the Land of Israel," the letter said.

"As every Jew knows, there are enemies who try to destroy, kill and exterminate all the Jews, so we must act to protect ourselves from them, out of the logical right to ensure our own survival," the letter continues.

"Some argue that the so-called 'Palestinian people' is under some siege or living under an occupation, and that we carry out human rights abuses and war crimes against them, but these claims are not true at all, because the same people are rebels in the Israeli government [a reference to Arab MKs, who openly oppose Zionism from within the Knesset - ed.], undermine the sovereignty of the State of Israel, endanger Israeli citizens, damage their property and threaten their lives, and don't even recognize the rights of the Jewish nation to live in the Land of Israel! Soldiers must cope daily with problems caused by this hate." 

Over 200 high school seniors have signed the counter-letter, which ends with the traditional prayer for the safety of IDF soldiers. The letter is being distributed over social networking platforms as well, in a move Marco says is designed to show the world that Israel's youth still believes in the Zionist cause. 

"When they [leftist students] sent us their letter, we also decided we write a letter - not a letter in reply, not a response, but a general letter which praises the army for its devotion and hard work," Marco stated. "The letter also clarified the importance of the Land of Israel and the importance of the military as the guardian of the Jewish people and homeland."