Children waving along to Gat bros. concert
Children waving along to Gat bros. concertMeir Barchia

Over 3,000 schoolchildren marched in Samaria on Monday, in a demonstration organized in the memory of Rehavam Ze'evi. 

Ze'evi was the head of the Moledet party, and advocated paying Arab residents of Israel to emigrate and take up residence in new countries. He was murdered while leaving a hotel in Jerusalem's Mount Scopus.

Arutz Sheva spoke to participants at the march, who were excited to be living Ze'evi's words about "walking in the land of Israel." 

This year's march focused on the stunning landscapes of Northern Samaria, with three different walking paths led by tour guides from the Samaria Academic College. The history of the area was presented along the walking tours, both past and present. The march ended with a colorful rally near Shaked, and a concert from the Gat brothers, made famous by the Israeli television show The Next Star.  

The children were very excited to see a concert from the Gat brothers, who announced that they were excited to be there - and "felt at home" in the area. The brothers themselves toured the landscapes before the march began. 

Shomron Regional Council Head Gershon Mesika reflected on the importance of the event.

"We are delighted to hold the march here in Samaria; Ze'evi loved the area and knew it well, and recognized and appreciated the importance of building communities here," Mesika stated. Shall see all of Israel joins us green march particularly fascinating." He added that the march "sends a message to anyone who thinks this is not our country." 

Gershon Mesika speaking during the march
Gershon Mesika speaking during the marchMeir Barchia
Concert at the march
Concert at the marchMeir Barchia
Children marching through the Shomron
Children marching through the ShomronMeir Barchia