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One unfortunate north Tel Aviv couple had a nearly fatal surprise waiting for them in their bathtub - a poisonous viper.

The venomous snake was trapped over the weekend in the bathtub of a ground floor apartment. Miraculously, the potentially lethal situation was defused with no injuries.

Over the course of Sunday night, the parents living in the apartment heard sounds, which sounded like "strong exhalations". After searching the apartment, they opened the bathroom door and were met by the sight of a 1.30 meter (4 feet 3 inches) long viper.

The couple quickly closed the door in shock, and called a snake trapper to save them from the lethal snake.

The trapper, Amit Cohen, reports that the snake entered the building through the courtyard garden. "The snake creeped up from the ground to the service porch, and entered into the bathtub."

"The bite of a snake of this type could cause death," Cohen added. He was able to successfully trap the viper, and brought it to the zoological garden where it was set free.