New cars
New cars Israel news photo: Flash 90

There were 2.85 million motor vehicles on Israel's roads at the end of 2013, according to figures released Sunday by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). Of those vehicles, 2.33 million were privately owned, a 2.9% increase in car ownership over 2012. The balance of the vehicles were trucks (335,000) and motorcycles (121,000).

Japanese cars were the most popular choice for Israelis, the CBS figures showed; over one third of the cars on Israel's roads were Mazdas, Subarus, Mitsubishis, Toyotas, Suzukis, and Hondas. South Korea was a distant second, with 12.9% of Israelis' cars Hyundais, Daihus, Kias, and Chevrolets manufactured in South Korea.

With that, Hyundais were the biggest sellers in Israel in 2013, with about 16% of all new cars sold coming from that company. In second place was Toyota, with 11% of sales. Mazda, which had been the best selling brand in each of the previous three years, fell to number six in popularity in 2013.

The average age of cars on Israel's roads was 6.9 years, a statistic that has changed little over the past decade. However, trucks are much older on average; the average truck on Israel's roads today is 8.8 years old, compared to 4.8 years old in 1997. Forty percent of vehicles are four years old or less, 31% are between 5 and 9 years old, and 29% are a decade old or more.

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