Terrorists storm Gaza fence (file)
Terrorists storm Gaza fence (file) Flash 90

The border with Gaza remains turbulent. On Friday, two local Arabs were captured by the IDF after they breached the Gaza security fence.

The two were heading towards Israel for intents that remain unclear. They have been taken for investigation by security forces.

IDF forces discovered two explosives planted against the security fence just this Tuesday, during routine activities in the area. The explosives were neutralized without causing any damage or injuries.

Meanwhile last Thursday, an advanced terror tunnel was discovered by the IDF. While Hamas initially brushed off the find as an "old tunnel," the IDF revealed it was the longest and most elaborate to date.

One official noted "we found tools, generators and additional equipment which indicates that it was being used in the past several days."

Two weeks ago terrorists in Gaza let loose a barrage of rockets on Israel, showering the Jewish state with at least 100 missiles.