Helicopter News 24

For the second time in a week, an IDF helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing Thursday, because of technical problems. The emergency landing took place in southern Israel. The army said it was investigating the cause of the problem that necessitated the emergency landing.

The landing took place without incident. There were no injuries.

A Blackhawk IDF helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing Tuesday night on Mount Hevron due to a severe technical failure, it was revealed Wednesday. No injuries were reported as a result of the emergency landing. A technical team and IDF reinforcements were transported quickly to the landing site to protect the pilots, out of concern that local Palestinian Arabs would attack them.

Last June, an IAF Cobra helicopter made an emergency landing in the Negev due to an urgent technical error. The IDF said then that, due to the terrain, a ground evacuation of the damaged helicopter was impossible, and the helicopter and crew were evacuated by an IAF Yasur helicopter.

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