Jabhat al-Nusra, a Syrian salafist organization that is identified with Al Qaeda, has uploaded to Youtube a video documenting the preparations by one of its members for a suicide mission, in Edra, east of Damascus. The mission led to the overrunning of Syrian army positions and to the capture of officers and soldiers from the Syrian army.

The suicide bomber was videotaped with his mother and father next to an armored personnel carrier (APC), which had been loaded with barrels full of explosives weighing several tons. His mother, wearing a niqab with only a slit for her eyes to peek through, expressed support for her son's suicide mission. She said that she had come to accompany him to his upcoming wedding with the black-eyed virgins who await him in paradise. She recommended to other mothers to follow her path.

The father said that the suicide mission is in fact, a wedding, and an act of obedience to the word of Allah, which makes the person performing it eligible for meeting Allah. He expressed hope that Allah would recognize their sacrifice and forgive them. The father recommended to all fathers, not to prevent their sons from embarking on jihad, and reminded them that a Muslim who dies in the path of Allah will get the right to defend 70 of his relatives before Allah, so that they too may ener paradise.

He added that according to Islam, one should not cleave to the present life, but aspire to reach the afterlife and paradise, where believers are rewarded for their deeds. He asked Allah to allow his son to succeed in his suicide mission.

The terrorist thanked his parents for the education they gave him and for preparing him to go on the suicide mission as a part of the jihad. He said that his brothers fought in Afghansitan, one brother was killed in Iraq, and another in Syria. He added that he has no fear, since his only fear is from the fire of hell.

Throughout the video, neither father, mother nor son express any sorrow, nor do their voices shake. They do not cry.

The video ends with the terrorist driving the APC toward its target and blowing it up.

WARNING: the video contains some disturbing images.