Almagor head Meir Indor
Almagor head Meir Indor Yoni Kempinski

Families who have members that were killed in terror attacks have set up a protest tent outside the Prime Minister's Residence in Jerusalem – and they are inviting Binyamin Netanyahu to come into the tent and discuss his plan to release yet more Palestinian terrorists.

Next week, Israel is set to release a fourth batch of terrorists from prison. As a “concession” to persuade Abbas to resume the talks after a three year hiatus, Israel agreed last summer to release some 100 terrorists from its prisons, in four batches. The last batch is set to be released at the end of March, but Netanyahu is under pressure from his ministers to cancel that release.

Netanyahu is under great pressure from US President Barack Obama to go through with the release; the White House is very concerned that the PA could end talks at any moment, and has made it clear that if the terrorists are not released, all talks will cease.

The tent is being sponsored by the Almagor terror victim families' association, and the group has tried to set up a meeting between Netanyahu and the families – so far, to no avail. “Now that we are across the street from his house he may find time to drop in and speak to us for a few minutes,” said one of the tent protesters. “We are very concerned that the government will go through with this release, considering the pressure being imposed.”

Almagor head Meir Indor bristled at the notion that it was the PA that was setting the tone for negotiations – and terrorist releases. “What if they promise to continue talks only if we release even more terrorists? This is exactly what we are fighting to prevent,” Indor said. “And this release will include arch-terrorists who are responsible for many Israeli deaths, as well as Israeli-Arab terrorists. The government must meet and declare that it is against these releases.”

According to Indor, 80% of Israelis are against an additional release of terrorists. “We are protesting to impress upon Netanyahu our opposition to further releases, and to support those of his ministers who are against it as well,” Indor added.

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