Weapons (illustrative)
Weapons (illustrative)Israel news photo: Flash90

IDF forces uncovered a weapons cache in the Arab village of Beit Rima, located in Judea near Hevron, on Wednesday morning.

The cache includes mortar shells, guns, night-vision equipment, stun grenades, helmets, 15 rubber bullets and army boots.

Beit Rima has been the source of terror activity in the past. In October 2001, IDF soldiers raided the village to apprehend terrorists responsible for attacks during the terror campaign known as the Second Intifada that raging at the time, and in the process killed at least five terrorists who fought back, resisting arrest.

In late January this year, a similar massive weapons cache was discovered by the IDF in an Arab town in the "seam zone" - the narrow area between the 1949 Armistice line, and the Judea and Samaria security barrier.

The IDF arrested several people connected to terror activity in the raid, which unearthed bombs and guns in various residential homes.

Earlier in January, police ran into an unusual excuse for a weapons cache in the Samaria-based Arab village of A-Taibe, located to the east of Afula. One villager told police that the 2 Carl Gustav guns found in his home, in addition to numerous rounds of ammunition, were "a decoration for the house."