Scene from the skit
Scene from the skit Hadashot 24

Members of Israel’s Sanz Chassidic community demonstrated Sunday that nothing is beyond the spirit of Purim joy. Young men in the community chose to base this year’s Purim comedy skit on the hotly contested issue of hareidi army enlistment.

Sanz, like most Israeli hareidi groups, opposes the law requiring a certain percent of yeshiva students to enlist in the IDF. The Chassidic group believes that Torah study takes precedence over military enlistment.

The comic Purim sketch showed soldiers bringing a hareidi youth to prison for studying Torah, Hadashot 24 reports.

The skit was performed at the weekly “tish,” for an audience of hundreds that included top Chassidic leaders.

During the celebration a youth suffered a fall. The young man apparently fell from a balcony, and sustained a head injury. He was taken to hospital in light-to-moderate condition.

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