Ukraine violence
Ukraine violence Reuters

The Deputy Commander of ZAKA Kiev and Hatzalah Kiev Chairman Hillel Cohen was attacked on Thursday night by anti-Semites, according to ZAKA International.

Cohen was treated at the scene by medical staff trained only two weeks ago by the organization, and has been hospitalized with a stab wound to his leg; he is currently in mild to moderate condition. 

Recent reports indicated that extremists have been targeting the Jewish community in Ukraine, and that the extremists include a member of the opposition. A synagogue was firebombed last week by unknown assailants in the embattled country; at least one synagogue in Crimea has also been defaced. 

The Rabbi of the city of Kharkov, Rabbi Moshe Moskowitz, told Arutz Sheva last month that a number of local Jews have expressed a desire to leave Ukraine and emigrate to Israel. The unrest of the recent month is what has brought this desire to the fore, he said. 

Anti-Semitism in Ukraine has picked up throughout the unrest, which began in late November. In January, unknown assailants stabbed a hareidi man in Kiev as he was making his way home from synagogue on a Friday night. Several weeks ago, anti-Semitic graffiti was sprayed on a Holocaust memorial in the village of Alexandria.