Reut and Yael with the Sabans
Reut and Yael with the SabansEfrata College

Two college students were shocked this week when they stumbled into the aftermath of a robbery during a routine visit to elderly residents of Jerusalem.

The young women, students at Efrata College, had been taking part in a volunteer program involving home visits to elderly residents of the Baka neighborhood. Students visit local homes in pairs to pass out Purim gifts of food (mishloach manot) and to spend time with their elderly neighbors.

When they entered the home of Yaakov and Esther Saban, they realized immediately that something was very wrong.

The Sabans had been robbed two days earlier, and the burglars had left their belongings strewn around the apartment. While they had reported the crime, none of the officials involved had yet found them help in restoring order.

The elderly couple was unable to do the work themselves due to poor health, meaning the house remained in a state of severe disarray. The mess posed a risk for Esther Saban, who is completely blind.

Volunteers Reut and Yael saw the scene before them and immediately got to work. The two spent hours setting the Saban home to rights.

Esther Saban later said, “I don’t know how G-d sent you to me today. I’m sitting here crying over the mess that I can’t straighten out and suddenly – there’s a knock on the door and two sweet young women just come in and save me.”