Israeli Navy commandos seize Iranian weapons
Israeli Navy commandos seize Iranian weaponsFlash 90

Yesterday saw the much-anticipated arrival of the Gaza-bound arms ship Klos C, which Israeli naval commandos intercepted in the Red Sea Thursday.

The ship had apparently been sent by Iran and was raided before dawn last Wednesday by the IDF's elite Shayetet-13 naval commando unit off the shores of Sudan.

Despite the complexity and potential dangers of the operation, as Israeli soldiers left on their mission to intercept the deadly cargo just over a week ago they took a moment to celebrate Shabbat - an inspiring moment captured on video by the IDF's Spokesperson's Unit.

The video below shows soldiers singing the traditional Shalom Aleichem (Peace be Upon You) song, and reciting the Sabbath blessings over wine to usher in the holy day, which begins Friday evening.