New footage (above) has been published of the elite Shayetet-13 IDF naval commando's daring operation Wednesday against a ship carrying Iranian rockets to Hamas.

Two photographs released Thursday show the small vessels carrying the commandos approaching the Klos C, and Navy Commander Major General Ram Rothberg aboard the ship, with a commando soldier beside him:

Photos: IDF Spokesman's Unit

On Wednesday, another video was released, showing the Klos C, labeled as Panamanian but carrying Syrian missiles and warheads on a Tehran-built ship, being surrounded by Israeli forces as it floated along the Red Sea. 

Earlier Wednesday, Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon revealed that the ship had embarked from Bandar Abbas, Iran and was en route to Port Sudan.

The IDF stated shortly after the raid that the missiles were going to be offloaded in Sudan, then smuggled to Gaza through the Sinai. 

Regarding the timing and location of the operation, a senior naval officer said that various factors were taken into account, including the height of the waves. “We were concerned that the ship's crew would think that we were pirates," he explained, "and that is why we identified ourselves from the outset as the IDF, and when the captain looked right and left, he saw two Navy missile ships, including additional vessels – and it was a show of force he could not resist, and therefore the boarding of the ship was quiet.”