Fire trucks in Jerusalem (illustrative)
Fire trucks in Jerusalem (illustrative)Hillel Meir

Residents of the Jerusalem neighborhood of Armon Hanatziv are struggling to come to terms with an apparent attempted attack this week.

Gas lines were cut in what appears to have been a deliberate attempt by terrorists to cause an explosion. The gas line sabotage followed fatal explosions involving cooking gas balloons in Jerusalem and in Akko.

Mordechai Naor lives in one of the buildings that was evacuated due to the attempted attack. He spoke to Arutz Sheva about the experience, and his concerns for the future.

On the day of the incident, “I heard noise and went to the window, and saw a crowd of police officers and firefighters. I opened the window and they told me to come outside quickly, that something had happened with the gas,” he recalled.

“I opened the door. The smell was terrible. I went out, and they told me we needed to evacuate,” he continued.

Naor was able to return to his home only that night. He still finds it hard to believe what happened.

“I’ve been living here for twenty years,” he said. “There are a lot of Arabs who work here, and some who live here. I don’t plan to leave, but I’m praying that things stay quiet.”

In late November, a toddler was seriously injured when an Arab gang targeted her family’s car for attack. Earlier in the year a Jewish man was attacked by two Arab men as he walked through the neighborhood.