Terrorists fire Qassam rocket
Terrorists fire Qassam rocketFlash 90

A rocket slammed into the Ashkelon coast Monday evening, according to 0404 News. 

The 'Color Red' siren was sounded in several communities within the Hof Ashkelon region, forcing families into shelters. 

The rocket did not strike a populated area, and no damage or injuries are reported. 

Rocket fire from Gaza has increased over the past month. At least seven other rockets have been launched into the Eshkol region and Negev communities since February 3. 

Gaza's steady upswing in rocket attacks came after Hamas gave terrorists the "green light" to open fire just one month ago, by withdrawing its forces that were deployed to prevent such rocket fire. That force was redeployed, but this has had little effect.

On Friday, the IDF destroyed a rocket launcher in Gaza. The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said that the attack “was meant to remove the immediate threat of rocket firing into Israel."