Netanyahu and Obama
Netanyahu and Obama Flash 90

Ahead of the scheduled meeting Monday between US President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Palestinian Authority sources have told Arabic-language international newspaper al-Sharq al-Awsat that “this time, Obama will intervene forcefully and directly, and will apply pressure to Netanyahu and [PA chairman Mahmoud] Abbas, so that they agree to a framework agreement.”

According to these sources, the framework agreement will determine that the capital of the Palestinian state will be eastern Jerusalem, and in exchange, there will be Palestinian concessions in other matters, including borders and refugees.

According to the appendices to the framework agreement, joint Israeli-Palestinian committees will discuss issues relating to borders, refugees, Jewish communities and water. The Palestinians, for their part, strenuously rejected the offer to recognize Israel as the Jewish state.

The Palestinian sources added that “if Obama succeeds in convincing Netanyahu and Abbas to agree to concessions on the framework agreement, he will announce a date for signing the agreement in Washington, with himself taking part in person.”

If the negotiations fail, the Palestinians plan to act unilaterally to achieve recognition for a state in international institutions.

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