Arab MK Tibi ejected from plenum (file)
Arab MK Tibi ejected from plenum (file) Israel news photo: Flash 90

The Arab Raam-Taal Knesset faction held a session Tuesday in which it discussed issues of interest to Arab society in what the faction's press release named “the Palestinian interior” – that is, Israel – and “the occupied state of Palestine.”

The members of the faction stressed in the press release that “the liberation of the noble Al Quds and the blessed Al-Aqsa mosque from the grip of the Israeli occupation and its policy are the only guarantee for maintaining present and future stability and security” in “the Palestinian interior.”

They denounced what they termed the “policy of institutionalized pressure” on all of the Arab villages and “the continued threat” to demolish dozens of homes in the town of Kalansawa and elsewhere. The so-called “organized terror” that is being carried out by “price tag gangs” in the Arab cities and in Judea and Samaria constitutes a danger that must be dealt with in all possible ways.

The faction asked the Ministry of Public Security to use all legal means to catch these “extremists.”

The faction members also denounced Israel's “settlement” and “Judaization” plans in Jerusalem and its suburbs, and demanded that the international community intervene immediately to put an end to the “land-based, naval and aerial siege” of Gaza.

Raam-Taal is headed by Ahmed Tibi, former advisor to archterrorist Yasser Arafat.