Gross brothers
Gross brothersSchneider PR

One of the children from the Gross family, which suffered tragedy last month after being poisoned by pesticides, was re-admitted to Schneider Medical Center Monday night despite having made a full recovery. 

The child, who has not been named, was re-admitted following breathing problems, according to various reports. A medical team performed emergency surgery on the boy to remove a blockage; he is hospitalized and his condition has been stabilized. 

Schneider Medical Center stated Tuesday, "The Gross family children are monitored, they undergo various treatments and tests and sometimes even hospitalizations," for their full recovery since the poisoning. "The family has asked the media to respect its privacy." 

The Gross family poisoning occurred after an exterminator left a highly toxic material, phosphine, in the apartment's reinforced security room, also known as the "mamad."

Apparently, the security room's seal was less effective than the storage requirements for the chemical require, and the poison spread throughout the apartment.

Rescue officials at the scene were shocked to discover that the chemical's toxicity was at the highest levels of the spectrum. The exterminator, Yosef Nataf, was arrested and an investigation launched. 

The entire Gross family was poisoned within a few days of the chemical being released. Parents Shimon and Michal only recently finished the traditional shiva Jewish mourning period for their two girls, Yael and Avigail (2 and 4), who were killed in the poisoning; they also stayed in Schneider Medical Center to monitor the recovery of their sons, Michael (7) and Yitzhak (5), who were critically ill for weeks due to the phosphine's effects.

The Gross family finally went home after their ordeal last week, after the boys' conditions had made significant improvement.