German Chancellor Angela Merkel
German Chancellor Angela MerkelFlash 90

Speaking at a meeting of the Likud-Beiteinu Knesset faction Monday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu discussed the upcoming visit of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, along with 16 of her government's ministers.

Merkel is set to arrive Monday night, and Netanyahu himself is set to leave for a visit to the United States next week, he told MKs, pointing out that he had three objectives for both visits. “One is to continue with actions that will ensure that Iran cannot develop nuclear weapons or fire nuclear weapons,” Netanyahu said.

In addition, the Prime Minister said, he wanted to advance talks with the Palestinian Authority. “We want to ensure that the right of the Jewish people to its national home remains sacrosanct.” And, Netanyahu said, “we are also concerned about economic matters. I plan to visit Silicon Valley and advance the issue of Israeli technology, especially cyber-technology.”

Netanyahu said that he welcomes Merkel's visit. “The German Chancellor has many times spoken out against boycotts of Israel, and for this and other reasons Israeli citizens value their relationship with her,” he said.