Fog over Tel Aviv (file)
Fog over Tel Aviv (file)Flash 90

Thick fog that rolled in from the sea covered the Israeli coastline from Tel Aviv southward Thursday, through Bat Yam, to Ashdod.

Nahum Malik, forecaster for Meteo Tech, told Israel Hayom that cool and moist air over the Mediterranean Sea has been mixing with warm air at an altitude of 500 meters, resulting in a the creation of a low hanging cloud near the sea, or fog.

Sde Dov Airport in Tel Aviv has been closed off for takeoffs and landings because of the fog. Flights are being redirected to Ben Gurion Airport.

At least one flight from Eilat to Sde Dov has been redirected to Ben Gurion Airport.

Sde Dov, a small airport in the northern Ramat Aviv section of Tel Aviv, is currently used for private planes, helicopters, and flights to Eilat. The government has authorized its demolition, and it is to be replaced by 12,000 apartments and homes.

The Eilat flights into and out of Sde Dov are operated by Arkia and Israir, both of which use old propeller planes at the airport, which is unable to handle jet traffic. Those flights will be moved to Ben Gurion airport, while helicopter traffic will be moved to another facility north of Herzliya.

The decision to open the site to construction was part of the recommendations on affordable housing made by a committee that included former Housing Minister Ariel Attias and Tranport Minister Yisrael Katz.