MK Adi Kol
MK Adi Kol Israel news photo: Flash 90

A law proposed by MK Adi Kol (Yesh Atid) would allow children as young as 10 to apply for a name change in court, Israel Hayom reports.

Children could seek to change their first name even against their parents’ wishes. The bill would also prohibit parents from changing a child’s name without his or her approval.

“A person’s name is an inalienable part of his identity,” Kol explained. “It’s unthinkable that legally, parents are allowed to change their child’s name at any age, without taking the child’s opinion into consideration.

“It would also be outrageous to leave a child subject to his parent’s whims, unable to change his name without their agreement,” she added. Children are no longer viewed as parents’ property, she said, but rather, “as people with rights and a voice.”

According to the report, Kol told her fellow MKs that she created the law after receiving an appeal for help from a girl with the name Avelut (“Mourning”).

“I ask you to support this bill for the sake of those children who were given ridiculous names, and who are stuck with them, with no option of changing them,” she urged. Kol’s bill passed with 45 votes in favor and just six against.

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