Jewish children play in Hevron
Jewish children play in HevronFlash 90

The Jews of the Biblical city of Hevron are preparing for an invasion by anarchists and other leftists, who are marking the 20-year anniversary of the massacre of Muslim worshipers at the Cave of Machpela. The massacre was carried out by Dr. Barush Goldstein of Kiryat Arba, who shot and murdered 29 people before being beaten to death.

The Jews of Hevron expect a series of provocative events by leftist-anarchists, based on information that has been posted on radical leftist activist websites, based in Israel and abroad. Hevron spokesman Noam Arnon told Arutz Sheva that the central activity being planned is a demonstration demanding the opening of King David street – also known as the Shuhada street – to Arab traffic.

The street is the only one in Hevron that is closed off to Arab movement because of concern that it will be used to carry out terror attacks against Jews. Arnon notes that the street, which is 1.5 km long, makes up only 3% of Hevron and that alternative routes make it possible for Arabs to go anywhere they wish in the city without going into that road.

Under the slogan “Open Shuada,” the leftist campaign demands that Arabs be allowed free motion in King David street as well, effectively “making it possible to bring terrorists right to Jews' doorsteps,” states Arnon, who adds that Jewish residewnts also favor freedom of movement in the city, but past experience and current terror threats make this impossible at the moment.

The second phase of the leftist activities will begin Friday, February 28, when “Breaking the Silence” – a group of leftist ex-military personnel – plans to bring hundreds of people to Hevron “in order to create provocations and demand that the street be opened and the Jews be uprooted from Hevron,” according to Arnon.

While “Breaking the Silence” carries out tours of Hevron all year long, this time it is said to be planning dozens of tours within a short time span, “to create an ongoing provocation.” Arnon said that IDF commanders told Jewish local leaders that legal counselors instructed the militray not to prevent the leftist events.

"A demand to push out the Arabs is defined as illegal and racist, but a demand to evict the Jews is seen as legitimate, and as such may be raised in the public discourse,” Arnon said. “Unfortunately, the security forces are cooperating with those anarchists.”

Whereas the first leftist event will take place at some distance from the Jewish community, the events that are planned for next week will take place inside the Jewish community. The Jews plan to hand out informative materials and hand them to whoever is willing to hear their point of view. “We try to avoid provocations and confrontations,” said Arnon. “They want to fill the media with pictures of confrontations. We take a different approach – one of explaining.”