Jonathan Pollard
Jonathan PollardYehuda Glick

Almost 30 years after the Jonathan Pollard affair was uncovered, and 20 years since her own release from a five-year prison stint for her part in the case, Jonathan Pollard's ex-wife, Anne, has asked for official recognition by the State of Israel as an operative who was working in the State's interests.

In a conversation with Galei Tzahal (Army Radio), Anne Pollard stated that she has not been able to rebuild her life, despite the many years that have passed, and so has decided to fight for what is due to her. "I want it to be officially recognized - what happened to Jonathan and to me - there are benefits that are automatically awarded to every wounded soldier of the State of Israel," she said.

Anne Pollard worked in public relations in Washington prior to her arrest in connection to her then-husband’s involvement in sharing classified information with Israel.

After her release from prison she came to Israel, but later returned to the United States. She lived in Los Angeles, but, she says, was unable to find work there.

Over the years Anne and Jonathan separated; Jonathan is now married to Esther Pollard.

In 2010 Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu answered her appeal for help by flying her and her father to Israel and giving her citizenship and a monthly stipend. She claims the stipend is insufficient, and says she has been forced to resort to begging for help in order to buy food.

The government has rejected her claims, saying her monthly stipend has ranged from 6,000 to 10,000 shekels, and should be more than enough to cover her living costs.

The Committee to Bring Jonathan Pollard Home has accused Netanyahu of using Anne Pollard to cover up for his failure to act on Jonathan Pollard’s behalf.