IAF F-4 Phantom (illustration)
IAF F-4 Phantom (illustration)Flash 90

A new animated film posted on Iranian websites in recent days graphically portrays an Iranian counterattack against a theoretical joint Israeli-American strike on the Islamic Republic's military facilities, culminating in the destruction of the Jewish state.

The clip was posted together with messages decrying attempts to tighten sanctions on Iran due to its nuclear program, according to Israel Hayom, and begins with an airstrike by Israeli and American forces on Iran. 

Iranian air defenses kick in and destroy the bombers, and subsequent scenes show Iranian aircraft flying over Jerusalem, and strikes on Israel's soil.

Chillingly, the film ends with what appears to be an Iranian-launched nuclear missile destroying the Jewish state.

The film is not the first such Iranian simulation of an attack against Israeli or western targets. Similar clips, including one earlier this month, have previously been released by official Iranian state organs as crude warnings to Israel and western states not to target its nuclear facilities.

But the graphic illustration of a nuclear attack against Israel will hardly allay fears in Jerusalem and elsewhere that Tehran's nuclear program is far from peaceful.