An ORT school (file)
An ORT school (file)Flash 90

ORT Israel, which manages a network of high schools and after school programs in Israel, will be exporting its curricula and teaching methodology to the U.S. ORT will be teaming up with the Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education (CIJE), a non-profit group that helps day schools with curriculum and materials, to help kids in US day schools learn science and math skills.

The project is part of an increased interest in STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – education, seen as a key to ensuring that kids are able to survive and grow in the new high-tech economy. ORT will use its expertise to help CIJE train teachers to work in tech laboratories in dozens of day schools and yeshivas across the U.S.

The CIJE program has been running since 2001, and today covers 148 institutions, reaching 30,000 students. Last week, a large CIJE contingent arrived in Israel to get a first-hand look at how ORT teaches STEM subjects. In order to further enhance the lab program, CIJE teachers will adopt some parts of the ORT STEM curriculum for use in their schools.

Dr. Elie Eizenberg, a top official in the ORT education network, said that “every country is trying to improve its business and job situation and strengthen its economy. They all realize that this cannot be accomplished without high-quality technological education and good teaching staff. This goes for developed and less-developed countries.

“ORT has adopted these values of entrepreneurship and innovation. We are proud to stand at the forefront of technology education in Israel and to use our many years of experience with others, including the U.S.”