Religious teachers - better all round?
Religious teachers - better all round? Flash 90

Herzog Academic College has initiated a program to train teachers in a variety of disciplines. Many of the students at Herzog are from the religious community, and Professor Yitzchak Kraus, President of the Academy, said that increasing the number of religious teachers in Israel's schools – whether secular and religious – would be good for everyone.

“Our educational vision is to train teachers who have a religious background and are able to learn Torah. They will integrate their personalities and knowledge of Torah with the disciplines they will be teaching. A teacher who learns Torah in the morning and then lectures students in the afternoon on math, physics, history or civics will be an excellent role model for students,” he said.

Herzog College has embarked on a campaign, via newspaper and media ads and social media, to recruit candidates for the program.

Uri Reichert, director of the campaign, said that “a good teacher needs to know the balance between teaching and educating, to find his way into the heart of a new student.

"In our campaign we show teachers that they can do both, integrating the a practical profession with 'the profession of the soul,'” he said.