IDF and JCT offcials tour the Merkava project
IDF and JCT offcials tour the Merkava projectPhoto: JCT

Officials of the Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT) – Machon Lev – on Sunday conducted a tour of the IDF's Merkava tank project, which the JCT is to be involved in designing and upgrading.

Participating in the event were JCT President Professor Haim Sukenik and Director Shai Gilboa. They were accompanied by IDF Lt. Col. Ilan and Lt Col. Michael, both JCT graduates.

At the end of the tour, the officers and the school officials said that JCT would seek to enroll new students to work on the project, who will join advanced students already involved in the project. In addition, JCT will encourage more students to get involved in research and development projects surrounding the Merkava program.

Speaking during the tour, Sukenik said that “members of the faculty, students, and graduates of JCT are happy to give of their skills and knowledge to the defense of the state and its citizens. We hope that we will be able to continue with this tradition on the Merkava project,” he added.

“We want to thank the heads of the project for hosting all of us today and the opportunity to see first hand the important work going on here,” said Stewart Hershkowitz, a senior advisor at JCT. “We are prepared to do our share and respond to the challenges we face, with cooperation from all involved,” he said.