Jewish vineyards return to ancient Judea
Jewish vineyards return to ancient JudeaHana Levi Julian

The High Court on Sunday rejected a petition by Arab farmers in the Southern Hevron Hills region demanding that the state remove a vineyard owned by Jews. The petitioners demanded that the IDF issue an order removing the vineyard, on the claim that the land belonged to them, but the vineyard will remain, the Court said.

While the petitioners may own land in the area of the vineyard, the Court said – based on documents they presented – that did not mean they owned the specific field where the vineyard was planted. In addition, the Court said, if the land did indeed belong to them, they would not have waited five years to file their complaint.

The Court also rejected a demand by petitioners for the IDF to ban the Jewish owners of the vineyard from entering their fields. Again, demanding such an act after five years in which the Jewish owners of the land worked the field without protest was proof enough that there was no reason to shut them out.

If the Arabs were able to bring further evidence supporting their position, the Court added, it would be glad to consider it.