Adam Verete
Adam VereteFlash 90

Sapir Sabah, the teenager who bravely went to the Ministry of Education to complain over anti-IDF remarks by leftist teacher Adam Verete, has now filed a report complaining that the school's principal assaulted her, according to Channel 10

Sabah claims she entered the teacher's lounge to discuss a teacher's strike over threats to Verete's job when she was approached by the teachers and attacked. It is unclear whether the alleged attack was verbal or physical. 

The principal denies attacking Sabah. He claims Sabah argued with teachers at the school and was forced to leave the building. Sabah filed a complaint with the police branch in Zevulun over the incident. 

Verete filed a police complaint of his own recently, after he received several threats since the news broke about his remarks against his job and physical safety.

The police eventually closed the case, stating that no actual danger was present, but Verete did share in a Facebook status that "last week my wife sleep with a baseball bat under her pillow."