MK Yariv Levin
MK Yariv LevinIsrael news photo: Flash 90

The Ministerial Committee for Legislation will hold a hearing Sunday on the bill to prevent Israeli Arab terrorists released as a "gesture" to the PA from receiving social security and income support. 

"The situation whereby a terrorist who has not served the full term of his sentence and is released receives full social security and benefits from the government is absurd and unacceptable," MK Yariv Levin, who proposed the bill, stated Saturday night. "Denial of benefits can make up for, on the smallest level, the pain of their early release. I urge ministers to vote for this most important law." 

Levin's proposal states that terrorist prisoners "will not receive benefits from the state for the full prison term allotted to him, even if he is released early - whether due to a pardon or any other reason for his early release." 

The explanatory notes to the bill states that "the State of Israel has, for many years, dealt with the difficult phenomenon of Israeli citizens and permanent residents being injured or killed in attacks, acts of terrorism and acts against them by terrorists. Meanwhile, Israel was forced on several occasions to allow an early release of the terrorists responsible, many of them with permanent residency status." 

"The situation whereby a prisoner is released early, including within the framework of negotiations, while receiving benefits as a result of his early release from the State is absurd and unacceptable."

Last month, Levin noted to Arutz Shevathat five of the terrorist murderers released from jail in the last installment of the Israeli “gestures” toward the Palestinian Authority are Israeli citizens. This makes them eligible for an “acclimation stipend” upon their release from jail, and they may also request an additional sum of money if they fail to find employment within 2 months of their release.

He also noted that previous attempts at enacting legislation have failed, due to overwhelming opposition from leftist parties and MKs. Until now, the only measure successfully made was to decrease the stipends by 50%.