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Colleagues of leftist teacher Adam Verete, who called the IDF "immoral" and pushed a leftist-communist agenda in his classroom, are refusing to let the saga which made headlines across Israel die down.

Channel 2 News reported on Wednesday that teachers at ORT Kiryat Tivon, where Verete is employed, announced a one-hour strike this coming Sunday in support of their colleague.

The move comes in response to the special ceremony this week, in which nationalist activists headed by former MK Dr. Michael Ben-Ari honored Sapir Sabah, the student who exposed Verete’s preaching in the classroom.

The ceremony in support of Sabah was attended by 200 people from all over Israel, including right-wing activists and IDF reserve officers. Following the ceremony, reported Channel 2, a stormy staff meeting was held, at the conclusion of which the teachers decided that they would hold a strike this coming Sunday morning between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.

Verete was let off with a warning by the ORT educational system and allowed to continue teaching, but his colleagues are claiming that “our efforts to put the incident behind us and once again focus on education are cynically being exploited by different factors who are interested in making political capital, while trampling the teachers and the trust that is placed in them as professionals and educators alike.”

The ORT teachers from Kiryat Tivon called on their colleagues at the ORT schools across Israel to join their act of protest and "come out in a sharp and clear voice, that leaves no doubts, and condemn all manifestations of violence in general and towards educators in particular. We feel threatened.”

School officials who spoke to Channel 2 News claimed that the Verete case has made them feel as though there is a “witch hunt” by students against teachers in the school.

“The feeling is that any student can come, threaten the teacher and slander him as was done with Verete. We have also witnessed verbal violence in the social networks after what was done by Sabah. We want to do something, to express our protest,” these officials said.

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