An inspiring new video offers a walk down memory lane in Israel's history. The film, which draws on Facebook's "A Look Back" feature compiling past images and events in a video format, was produced by Jerusalem U.

The story of Israel's defiance of all historical odds to come back into existence after 2,000 years has been nothing short of miraculous; in the 65 short years since the founding of the modern state, Israel has become the tenth most powerful nation in the world according to recent research.

The video, featuring images from the founding of the nation and various turning points in the history of the modern state of Israel, as well as leaders of the country, can be seen here:

Jerusalem U is an online portal for Jewish distance learning, and aims to use modern technology to spread knowledge about Israel and Judaism. Founded in 2009, the initiative was previously connected with AISH International.

Aside from the video, the organization uses the internet and social media as well as other platforms to produce feature films, hold film classes, and offer experiential and interactive learning.