MK Zehava Galon
MK Zehava GalonFlash 90

Meretz Chairman Zehava Gal-On attacked Sunday the initiative of several MKs to prevent the acceptance of the peace agreement "framework" that is being crafted by US Secretary of State John Kerry. 

"It's a tongue-lashing party against John Kerry, and the refusal - from both the Israeli and Palestinian sides - has paid off," Galon wrote on her Facebook page. "[Kerry's] offer to allow Netanyahu and Abu Mazen to file objections to the framework agreement, allegedly to allow an interim agreement to 'be successful,' amounts to an American capitulation to naysayers," she claimed. 

"Allowing submissions will not cause the agreement to succeed, only to be wasted," Galon continued. "The possibility of filing objections to the negotiations is a predictable farce, as we saw during the presidency of George W. Bush, where Israel filed 14 objections that buried the agreement document submitted and our hopes for real progress in the peace process." 

Galon was also unimpressed by Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman's moderate statements last week, in which he declared support for the framework. "Before we get all excited about Liberman's support for John Kerry, let's remember that in the same breath, he continues to talk about his racist and delusional land swap plan," she stated.

Galon referred to the population swap that Liberman favors - and which Israel reportedly offered the US in talks in December - that would involve the area known as the Triangle in east-central Israel. The area includes the cities of Tayibe and Tira, in which about 300,000 Arabs live.

Israeli Arabs in that region would become citizens of a Palestinian state, according to the proposal.  In return for the area ceded, Israel will get to keep settlement blocs in Judea and Samaria. Liberman has backed the plan since as early as 2004.

"This is not how a supporter of peace speaks," Gal-On fired, "but the way one speaks when he wants to differentiate himself from Naftali Bennett, so he can compete for votes within the extreme Right." 

"Enough. I am tired of the political games, cynicism, and cowardice," the Meretz head continued. "The time has come for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to lead and take on tough decisions to achieve a peace agreement, even if it means separating from the current coalition [. . .] it's time that the Americans, but also that we ourselves, demand from ourselves what we deserve - a sane future in a sane country. It's time to advance [the peace process]." 

The remarks are just the latest in a series of attacks by Galon against the government. She recently attacked Netanyahu over his statement that he would not evict any communities as part of a peace agreement with the PA, saying the comments proved Netanyahu is “not a partner for peace.”

Last week, Galon branded Netanyahu a “coward” for not reprimanding Jewish Home chairman Bennett for his remarks against the idea of having Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria live under the PA.

Galon has failed to condemn the PA’s incitement and has even invited senior Fatah member Jibril Rajoub,  who threatened to use a nuclear weapon against Israel, to a Meretz conference.

She later blasted the Defense Ministry for preventing Rajoub’s participation at the conference, to which Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon replied that he had decided to block Rajoub's entry to Israel because of his constant incitement against the Jewish state.