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Another Israeli product beat the ongoing Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions campaign against Israel Sunday. A real-time translation app made it to the Telegraph UK's top five apps for following the 2014 Sochi Winter Games. 

The app, titled "One Hour Translation," provides free real-time translation to users during the games.

To gain real-time translations, users simply need to tweet @OHT with an image or phrase to be translated - e.g. "Where is the skating rink? English->Russian @OHT" - and the company will reply instantly with a translation from a professional translator. 

The free service will be offered throughout the games and utilize the resources of over 15,000 professional translators. Translations will be offered in over 70 languages. 

The company's Twitter hub will be providing news updates, travel directions, and communications advice through the games as well. 

One Hour Translation, based in Israel, currently provides translation services to several major companies - including Coca-Cola, Shell, the US Army, IBM, Pfizer, Avon, and Xerox.

 In a 2013 Forbes interview, co-founder Yaron Kaufman emphasized that the company specializes in providing culturally-appropriate translations, in order to prevent major blunders in foreign markets.

Major Israeli company Fortissimo Capital recently sank a record $10 million into the company.