Daniela Weiss
Daniela WeissHiller Maeir

The Nahala Movement under veteran settlement leader Daniela Weiss called on the Prime Minister and Defense Minister to order an immediate cessation of the ongoing destruction in Judea and Samaria Wednesday.

The statement follows the demolition of a leading local activist's home, in the Jewish village of Kida in the Binyamin region.

"The Israeli government is exhibiting weakness as far as the continued construction in Judea and Samaria is concerned, and at the same time, shows daring as regards operations to destroy Jewish construction and agriculture,” Nahala said.

"Netanyahu and [Defense Minister] Yaalon are led by the nose by the leftists who control the Civil Administration,” the movement charged. The Civil Administration is a branch of the IDF that administers Judea and Samaria.

Nahala added that is time for the Prime Minister understand that “the policy of destruction that he gives his backing to is the number one reason for international pressure on the Israeli government to give up Judea ande Samaria.”

"We appeal to all of the government ministers and MKs to demand an immediate halt to the destruction, and a return to the healthy, sane Zionist policy of establishing new communities and accelerated development of existing communities and outposts,” added Nahala.