Tal Nahman
Tal Nahman Courtesy of the Nahman family

Hundreds of people came together in the Nes Tziona military cemetery on Tuesday to bury 21-year-old Tal Nahman, the young soldier who was killed Monday night in a tragic “friendly fire” accident near Gaza.

Tal’s father spoke at his son’s grave. “Today at 5 a.m. I heard the doorbell ring. I didn’t want to answer it,” he began.

“I told your mother that until you had finished your service I would be worried,” he recalled, noting that Tal was to have been transferred to a position farther from active combat in the near future.

“Watch over us. It’s just a shame that it was just a mistake, that it didn’t have to happen, there was no war, just fire from our forces. But apparently it was decreed from Above,” he said.

According to an initial investigation, soldiers who were patrolling in the area mistook Nahman for a terrorist and opened fire.

An officer who spoke to Arutz Sheva said the fatal mistake was made by a member of a brigade that had just come to the area two weeks ago. The soldier who fired was standing guard when he saw Nahman suddenly appear and jump into an IDF vehicle; he did not realize that Nahman was a fellow soldier who had been sleeping nearby.

The IDF continues to investigate the incident.

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