Yehuda Landsberg
Yehuda LandsbergLandsberg Family

Yehuda Landsberg, a 25-year-old father of 3 disabled children from Havat Gilad in Samaria, has been held at a Shabak (Internal Security) facility for over 2 weeks for suspicion over "price tag" vandalism; he was only allowed to see a lawyer after 10 days of imprisonment, and has not been allowed to see his family.

Two other Jewish men from Samaria have been held similarly without access to a lawyer by Shabak on similar charges, which are rendered doubtful by evidence showing how Arabs stage "price tag" vandalism to frame Jews.

Emunah Landsberg, Yehuda's wife, wrote a moving letter to her husband, which has been received by Arutz Sheva. In it the woman asks how it is possible that her husband became a "terrorist" in the eyes of the Shabak, and why she has been forbidden from seeing him. Her letter reads as follows:

You didn't plan the Sbarro attack, nor the attack on bus-line 11. You didn't come on Shabbat at night to slaughter the Fogel family, and you didn't stab Evyatar Borovsky on his way to work.

You love Israel, every Jew in your eyes is your brother and you care about them. Like that man whose bag fell with twenty-something thousand shekels in cash at Schneider (Children's Hospital), and you searched for it and returned the bag to him.

You aren't an enemy of the prime minister, and also not of your leftist brothers. Sometimes you don't agree with their actions and even get angry at them, but you never have and never will even think of harming a Jew.

So what turned you so quickly into a 'terrorist'? The same suspicion, that fell on us like thunder on a clear day, that you damaged Arab cars, turned you into a 'terrorist.'

According to what I know up till now, a stone that can kill is terror. We already saw that with the Palmer family. A molotov cocktail made to kill is terror.

Infiltrations, murders, kidnappings, explosives, shootings and stabbings. As far as I know, even the suspicions of Shabak are not in the level of these criterion.

Our brothers in the house of Israel live in these criterion every day, residents of Judea and Samaria, Jerusalem, Lod, Yafo, Tzfat and many more cities.

After all, you can't find a city in Israel that wasn't attacked during the terror years that still haven't ended. Terror that you, Yehuda Landsberg, Yehuda Savir and Binyamin Richter, did not lead. Terror that we take precaution against every day and every hour.

On almost every trip thoughts come to one's head: what will I do if they shoot at me now? What will I do if there will be a stone barricade in front of me? Which of the children will I be able to save?

We are the ones living in caution and fear, and you care only about the Arabs, our enemies, and label us - who don't murder anyone - terror. In my eyes the world is upside-down; a Jew is a terrorist and an Arab is a minority, even when he slaughters soldiers.

And Yehuda my husband, and his friend Yehuda, working Jews who care about their brothers, about the people of Israel, who care about their homeland the land of Israel, people of the Torah, of loving and gentle spirit who distance from hate and raise the banner of love, suddenly find themselves under the same category as murderers of Jews, slaughterers of infants, planners of massive attacks.

They take you without the trial or sentencing of anyone, make you disappear from your loving families, from the children dependent on you, without a lawyer or telephone calls, to unending investigations while using all pressure methods that they can come up with. With threats, intimidation, and even actual harm both emotional and physical.

In the state of Israel in 2014, there's no judgement and no judge. The same time as murderers of Jews are released from their jail, or receive academic degrees while being in jail, regular citizens, Jews, can disappear to the Shabak's basements without leaving any trace of life.

They're bringing back the crown from the days of the KGB from Russia of old. Even some of the investigation methods were taken from there. Every citizen in the state of Israel has to start living in fear.

If the Shabak suspects you of something, your family is liable to discover that you've disappeared from the world. And it doesn't matter to them if you're guilty or not, they have enough days, enough time to isolate you, to squeeze you and threaten, to harm you and humiliate until you'd even admit to murdering Rabin, even if you weren't born yet when he was killed.

This Wednesday an indictment is expected to be presented against the three men. No one knows if they succeeding in wringing something out of them in the 9 days of isolated investigation of Landsberg, or the 8 days of isolated investigation of Richter and Savir. We won't know anything as long as they are arrested.

It's so easy to threaten someone in your hands who doesn't have the option to communicate with the world. And they are still in the hands of Shabak and the police, and to them - apparently - it's more important to show that they found a 'price tag' operation than to actually protect the lives of citizens.

After attorney Adi Keidar of the Honenu legal aid organization was finally allowed to see Yehuda, he reported "psychological stress was likely exerted on the suspect that included taking advantage of his personal/family/medical difficulties. This is severe emotional abuse." The statements confirm reports that Landsberg was abused in confinement, as Shabak played recordings of his children crying, leading him eventually to start a hunger strike.