Prayer rally at Kotel
Prayer rally at Kotel Hezki Ezra

Thursday night's prayer rally is a sign that the Israeli public was waking up to the dangers of the Kerry peace plan, said Rabbi Musa Cohen, head of the Kommemiyut organization. “The public understands that something is going on, and it is not to their liking,” he told Arutz Sheva in an interview.

Kommemiyut was one of the organizations that organized the prayer event at the Kotel (Western Wall). Thousands of people beseeched G-d to "cancel the decrees" of US Secretary of State John Kerry, whose peace plans would create an Arab capital in Jerusalem.

It isn't clear exactly what is happening, said Rabbi Cohen, since all three parties involved in the talks – Israel, the US, and the PA – have kept details of the talks secret. “But no matter how we look at it, it's unlikely to turn out good for us,” he said.

The prayer event, he said, was one of several that Kommemiyut planned to raise consciousness on the dangers of the plan that is likely to be introduced among the Israeli public. Marches, protests, and other events will take place in the coming week, Rabbi Cohen said. “You could see from the looks on the faces of participants that something significant is going on.”

The decision to carry out the prayer session, Rabbi Cohen said, was made a week ago. “We advertised it and worked on organizing buses and other practical matters, and we had a special person dedicate to organizing schools that wanted to participate. He thanked everyone who helped me the event a success, saying that “prayer is to appeal to Heaven, and also to remind people here on earth to join us.”

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