Mahmoud Habbash
Mahmoud HabbashFlash 90

In the latest incident of Palestinian Authority (PA) incitement against Israel, a PA minister openly called for “Jihad” in Jerusalem.

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) has translated a televised address by the PA Minister of Religious Endowments, Mahmoud Habbash, who said that Jihad should be directed toward Jerusalem, not Syria.

The speech was broadcast on the official Palestinian Authority TV on January 13, 2014.

"Jerusalem is still waiting. Jerusalem is the direction. Jerusalem is the address," Habbash stressed in the speech, adding that "evil hands" were "conducting a filthy game" intended to weaken the Islamic nation and "to divert the compass away from its true direction."

“We must convey a message to the people who have seized the Yarmouk refugee camp [in Syria], with slogans, pretexts, and false baseless claims. We say to them: Resistance and Jihad should not be waged in the Yarmouk camp. To anyone who wants to conduct resistance and wage Jihad, I say: The direction of Jihad is well known and clear. Everybody knows what it is,” he declared.

“Those who send young people to die in Syria and elsewhere under misguided banners must take heed and cease to do so, and must understand that Jerusalem is still waiting. Jerusalem is the direction. Jerusalem is the address,” said Habbash.

“A compass that does not point toward Jerusalem has nothing to do with the Prophet Muhammad. A compass that does not point toward Jerusalem has nothing to do with the Messenger of Allah.

“Therefore, you must stop being so ignorant, and know that you are nothing but tiny pawns in the evil hands that are conducting a filthy game intended to tear the Islamic nation asunder and weaken it, and to divert the compass away from its true direction,” he said.

Peace talks between Israel and the PA resumed last summer, but that has not stopped the PA from inciting against Israel in its media and in public speeches given by its officials. Many of these incidents have been reported by Arutz Sheva.

In one such incident, PA TV broadcast a crudely anti-Semitic program legitimizing violence against Jews in Judea and Samaria - who were stereotyped as violent thieves. The end of the program glorified the humiliation of a religious Jew by cutting off his peyote side-curls, in a scene chillingly reminiscent of Nazi anti-Jewish propaganda.

Other broadcasts included a re-run of a music video encouraging violence against Israelis, and the glorification of the murderer of 61 Israeli civilians on the official Facebook page of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah party.

Recently, the Israeli Cabinet was presented with a detailed report on the incitement and the culture of hatred in the PA.

The findings presented to the ministers show that incitement against Israel and the Jewish people is continuing on official media channels including – inter alia – by bodies that are very close to the PA Chairman and in educational and religious networks.