Jewish graves (file)
Jewish graves (file) Flash 90

A Jewish woman who passed away Tuesday morning was nearly buried in a Muslim cemetery. The burial was prevented by the actions of ZAKA ("Disaster Victim Identification"), a group ensuring proper burial for victims according to Jewish law.

The woman had been in a relationship with an Arab man, and over the years they had a daughter. The girl is currently at the dormitory of Yad L'achim, an anti-missionary organization that has saved captive Jewish women on numerous occasions.

The woman bought a grave for herself in recent years as her health began failing dramatically. She was buried in the grave, which is in Netivot in southern Israel, located between Be'er Sheva and Gaza.

The Arab she was involved with appeared after her death, saying he was interested in burying her in a Muslim cemetery, and even began proceedings to do so. Her family turned to ZAKA for help, and after the group's legal department went into action, she was buried at the Jewish cemetery in Netivot.

The woman's story bears some resemblance to a case revealed last week, in which the son of a woman who had been in a relationship with a Gazan man had a bar mitzvah. The woman had been tricked by the Gazan Arab who concealed his origins, and lied to her about being from a rich family.

After the ongoing abuse and beatings intensified, the woman managed to flee Gaza, and turned to Yad L'achim for aid.

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