Newly translated video has emerged, showing Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's lionization of terrorist murderers as "heroes." Abbas's praise of the killers on PA official TV came in celebrations following their release late last December.

Abbas is seen onscreen with three notorious terrorists, Jamal Abu Muhsin, Na'im al-Shawamreh and Awad Kmeil, referring to the terrorists as "heroes" four times in the course of his remarks.

Video excerpts from the speech can be seen here, translated by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), and accompanied by an explanation of the crimes committed by the 3 terrorists surrounding Abbas:

In the speech, which aired on PA TV on December 31, Abbas referred to "our heroic prisoners," adding "more groups of heroes...will come to us." He claimed that Israel "postponed these heroes' release by 24 hours," and ended by congratulating "you and ourselves for the (release) of these heroes."

The three terrorists on stage with the PA Chairman committed heinous and gruesome murders.

Muhsin stabbed 76-year-old Shlomo Yahya to death in a park in 1991.

Al-Shawamreh was arrested for setting an explosive in 1993 that killed police sapper Yossi Hayoun, who was trying to disarm the bomb.

Kmeil was the commander of a terror cell that murdered IDF soldier Yoram Cohen, as well as 15 PA Arabs suspected of collaborating with Israel. The release, which was part of preconditions to peace talks, wiped the slate clean on his 16 life sentences.

A senior Palestinian Liberation Official (PLO) official previously remarked that the PA is only engaged in peace talks with Israel so as to secure the freedom of all 104 terrorist murderers whose release was set as a precondition.

Nevertheless, on Sunday Abbas declared there was no progress in the talks, that the PA had gotten nothing from its "efforts," and that the lack of progress was Israel's fault.

PA TV has frequently aired hateful anti-Semitic material, such as the dehumanization of Jews seen in a program aired in October and funded by the European Union (EU).