A video uploaded to Youtube by an Arab-language user called GazaTube claims to show security camera footage documenting the IAF strike that targeted an Islamic Jihad terrorist in Gaza earlier Sunday. The video appears to show a relatively small explosion, possibly by a missile that had pinpointed its target.

A bus that had been driving nearby was also damaged – and, apparently, a donkey was badly hurt as well.

The terrorist has been identified as Ahmed Sa’ad, who was seriously injured and taken to a hospital.

Sa'ad had been riding a motorbike when he was hit by a missile. Video of the aftermath shows the burnt motorbike and a small crater in the road where the missile struck.

Sa’ad is known to be involved in Islamic Jihad rocket attacks from Gaza. According to IDF sources, he played a part in recent rocket attacks and shooting attacks on Israelis near the Gaza border.

Two additional videos embedded below show the aftermath of the strike.