Hamas terrorist in Gaza City (illustrative)
Hamas terrorist in Gaza City (illustrative)Flash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas can talk all they want – but the deal they make “will not be in the name of the Palestinian people,” according to top Hamas terrorist Tahar al-Nunu. According to al-Nunu, no agreement that legitimizes the “Israeli occupation will ever be valid.”

In an interview, al-Nunu, a top aide to top Hamas terrorist Ismail Haniyeh, said that the negotiations were a sign of Arab weakness. “Negotiations under these conditions enable the U.S. and Israel to take advantage of the negotiations and force the Palestinians to accept conditions they do not want.”

Al-Nunu also condemned the fact that the negotiations were being conducted secretly. This situation, he said, proved that undesirable concessions were being made in the negotiations, and it was impossible for terror groups like his to accept these concessions. The Hamas government in Gaza would not accept anything other than a full agreement by Israel to all its conditions, including the “right of return,” in which the descendants of Arabs who fled the newly-formed State of Israel in 1948 returned to the homes their parents and grandparents left.

“John Kerry, the American Secretary of State, wants to take advantage of the situation in the Arab world to pressure the PA's leadership to make historic concessions and to force the Palestinian people to accept conditions that they will never agree to,” al-Nunu said.