Dieudonne with former far-right National Fron
Dieudonne with former far-right National FronReuters

Anti-Semitic French comedian Dieudonne M'Bala M'Bala's local court battles to try and overturn a ban on his comedy show "The Wall," in which he mimes urinating on the Kotel (Western Wall), have cost him dearly. His appeals were overruled by the top French administrative court last Thursday that cancelled the show.

According to French media, the cancellation of "The Wall" left Dieudonne with losses to the tune of millions of euros (a million euros is $1.4 million), reports Mako. In addition to the cancellations, Dieudonne's website was breached by anonymous hackers and subsequently shut down.

"We live in a democratic country and I have to act according to the law, despite the blatant political involvement," Dieudonne said in a press conference Saturday.

In response to the cancellation the comic, notorious for his signature gesture the "quenelle," an inverted Nazi salute, further announced he would put on a new show on "a different theme," this time focused on the African continent. His father is from Cameroon.

Aside from his anti-Semitism, Dieudonne has faced criticism for reportedly owing 887,000 euros ($1.2 million) in taxes, and for allegedly hiding his money by sending it to family in Cameroon. According to reports, he has sent more than 400,000 euros ($544,520) since 2009, and in the last year alone transferred 230,000 euros ($313,030).