Carmi Gillon
Carmi GillonArutz Sheva

Carmi Gillon, former Head of the Shin Bet (internal security agency) and Ambassador to Denmark, returned to Israel on Saturday from Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

The move came after a pro-Palestinian group demanded that the Danish police issue a warrant against Gillon over his involvement in liquidating terrorists in Israel.

Gillon had been invited to the Jewish film festival in Copenhagen for a screening of the 2012 Oscar-nominated documentary film 'The Gatekeepers,' which he appears in. After the screening the former Shin Bet head gave a speech.

The film raised mixed reactions as critics called it "politicized and rabidly leftist," arguing the movie was a poor attempt to identify with the enemy and encouraged anti-Zionism by vilifying nationalist Jews. Dror Moreh, the Israeli director of the film, said last January that Jews in the US "like Israel too much."

After hearing about the complaint filed with the police Gillon, who joined the left-wing Kadima party in 2006 and blamed rabbis for being behind 'price tag' vandalism, decided to leave Copenhagen immediately.

Yigal Palmor, spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, said in response that the complaint was unfounded and driven by political motives, arguing that it should be denied.

"Behind the complaint are extremists trying to silence others, harming the freedom of expression and and terrorizing," claimed Palmor. "These people are striving to hide from the public in Copenhagen the complex reality that Israel deals with every day, all while succeeding in guarding its security and democratic nature in the best possible manner."