Professor Francisco Gil-White in Shdema with
Professor Francisco Gil-White in Shdema with Women in Green

Special guests from Mexico arrived for a visit to Gush Etzion and Judea on Thursday.  Professor Francisco Gil-White toured the area accompanied by his wife and a close friend. The three were guests of Women in Green, which holds tours for foreign visitors to see first-hand the struggle to safeguard state lands in the face of Arab attempts to build illegally and establish facts on the ground, attempts that go largely unopposed by the government.

Francisco Gil-White is a researcher, perhaps best known for linking PLO/Fatah to the German Nazi Final Solution, and also to the Iranian Islamist regime.  

Women in Green praised Gil-White’s research and noted, “Prof. Gil-White has carefully documented the context of the Oslo Accords, and on the basis of his research he has bucked the prevailing political correctness. He has stated unequivocally in public that the establishment of a Palestinian state will be a disaster for Israel and for the West.” 

They note that while his fearless stance has garnered Gil-White enemies, the professor has remained undaunted. Following his visit, the professor stated, “I believe that sovereignty over Judea and Samaria is the only viable option, because the alternative on the table is to give strategic territory of the Jewish State to an Iranian proxy.”

An eye-opening tour showing the struggle for control of the land

During the tour, the group traveled to Shdema, where Gil-White received a wide overview regarding the importance of renewed Jewish possession of the site, which controls the strip between Jerusalem and eastern Gush Etzion.

Afterwards the tour moved to the Jewish town of Netzer, where Women in Green have been engaged in an ongoing struggle to plant olive trees and promote a Jewish presence, even as local Arabs destroy their plantings.

The visitors from Mexico were shown illegal Arab construction in numerous locations, which is part of a clear PA policy of controlling "Area C," an area designated for Israeli control by the Oslo Accords.

Women in Green pointed out that aside from buildings, local Arabs are taking control of agricultural areas and quarries, as well as additional facilities "all funded by anti-Israeli organizations such as USAID." They noted the American backing for PA efforts to undermine the law.

Pictures to bring reality to the world

The professor photographed the large red signs forbidding Jewish entry to “Area A”, noting the discriminatory reality of policies applied to Jews by the government of the Jewish state.

As Gil-White photographed the vibrant Jewish communities in Efrat, Kiryat Arba and Hevron, he was interested to find out that the government of Israel gives preferential treatment to Arab squatters on state lands.

The professor also photographed mansions built by Arabs throughout the region, noting the conspicuous display of wealth by Arabs in Judea and Samaria - wealth that dramatically contradicts the common media story of supposedly impoverished Arabs. In fact, Gil-White remarked that in the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria there is nothing to compare to the mansions built by some Arabs in neighboring communities.

Women in Green spoke about the last stop on the tour – Hevron. "We ended the tour in Hevron, the place where it all started."

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